Elliott Smith, Comedy Magician

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Elliott Smith, Comedy Magician
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Elliott Smith, Comedy Magician

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"I have never laughed so much in my life. I laughed so hard that I broke a blood vessel in my nose and it started bleeding. I had to rush to the restroom and get some tissue but didn't miss much of your show. You are really, really, really funny, Elliott, so much that I can't wait to see you perform again."
- R. Senf, High Point Golf Community

"We had the pleasure of performing with a very talented and entertaining comedy Magician - Elliott Smith. We have been performing for audiences around the world since 1950 and have shared the spotlight with many notable performers and Elliott ranks right up there with them. We watched Elliott perform his magic and comedy and we were in awe, he was fantastic, he is tops in his field. "
- Joe Giglio, The Four Aces


"Elliott, you ARE a comedian magician, especially the card fairy routine! You are hilarious ... the entire audience couldn't stop laughing."
- B. Harrington, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Casting Director and Director

"AMAZING...ENTERTAINING...A TRUE SHOWMAN! These are only a few words to describe the talent of Elliott Smith Professional Magician. End of the Roll Discount Carpet & Flooring has had the pleasure of Elliott hosting two of our staff Christmas Parties. Whether it was for a party of 60 or an intimate gathering of 25, Elliott's performance was a show stopper! His friendly down to earth personality quickly warms the crowd and amazes even the toughest critic with jaw dropping magical tricks. You know you have had great entertainment when your staff talks about it weeks after. With nothing up our sleeves...we truly say 'Thank-You' Elliott."
- Paul & Linda Tellier & Staff

"I can’t say enough good things about magician Elliott Smith! We presented him with one of the most challenging audiences possible … and was pleasantly surprised to see how Elliott was able to keep everyones attention for the entire show  Elliott has a great way with kids and people in general. Elliott did an excellent job driving home our organization’s message and I highly recommend him."
- M. Segel, Executive Director, JCC Federation

"...He promptly assesses his audience and his performances are consistently breathtaking, engaging and create a sense of warmth in any atmosphere...".
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- Kim Tudor, CEO, National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE)

"Elliott was a barrel of laughs, he had the whole crowd in stitches; it was fantastically dynamic! We truly enjoyed every minute of his presentation and would recommend him to everyone who wishes to treat their staff members to a rejuvenating afternoon that will keep them laughing and smiling for days to come. Thank you Elliott!"
- Christine Lalonde-Page, OMSSA Zone 7

"This was Elliott's third visit to our location. I couldn't be happier, the show was great, he connected with the audience - kids and adults alike, everyone left happy. Time went by so quickly as the audience was entertained the entire time! This will be a tradition here, can't wait until next year! Sometimes it's hard to fill a room at library events but Elliott fills the room every time - standing room only. "
- S. Gordon, Information Resource Librarian, St. Pete's College Library

"Holy smokes Elliott - you are incredible! You mesmerized my 500+ audience. In addition to being a gifted magician, you are also very funny, you had the entire audience captivated and bursting with laughter. Elliott, you are a first class and world class entertainer and I would highly, highly, highly recommend you to anyone!”
Peggy McColl - New York Times Best Selling Author

"I would like to tell you what a wonderful time we had at our staff meeting last week. Your performance was incredibly interactive and fun. You catered to your audience very enthusiastically and had everyone laughing until our cheeks hurt! I would gladly recommend you to anyone putting on a group meeting or event. As my intention was to lighten the mood in order to fully engage my participants throughout the meeting, you definitely accomplished what I had intended to do. Thank you"
- AnneMarie Dupuis District Manager, Boathouse

"Elliott, our Christmas Party was our best yet, and this was due in part to the wonderful performance that you provided with your special brand of magic and comedy. You have a keen sense when choosing your helpers from the audience, which goes a long way to enhancing your show. Your magic tricks are extremely well done, leaving us wondering “how did he do that”, and your comedy made us all laugh from start to finish. It was an unforgettable evening and we thank you for your performance. You are truly are a very talented and naturally gifted entertainer."
- T. Sadaka - Information Services Directorate

"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to our conference, it certainly enhanced the experience. Thank you for being easy to work with, it certainly made our job much easier and enjoyable. I am sorry we didn’t get a chance to spend more time together, but maybe when your wife comes back next year. I look forward to working with you again. All the very best to you."
Kim Tudor - CEO of National Initiative of Service Excellence, Barbados

“On behalf of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs, the Director of Judges’ Language Training, Mme Yolande Cloutier-Turcotte, the judges from the province of Quebec who attended your presentation, the teachers and myself, I would like to extend our hearty thanks for a great job well done. Everyone was amazed by your skill, charmed by your personal warmth and gentleness, and very happy to have had the opportunity to meet you. Thank-you for a wonderful presentation, impeccably organized and executed, all with good humour and grace.”
- Ellen Wright-Ricard, Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs

"TALK ABOUT MAGIC!! At a recent delegate training session held for over 200 participants, Elliott participated at our session and presented himself as a Communications Trainer and intertwined his excellent magical effects while presenting a talk on the Powers of Communication. His ever present and clever combination of humour and magic have always ensured a delightful addition to ALL of our corporate functions.”
- Louis R. Leclair, Manager HR Bell Canada

“It is refreshing to deal with true professionals who know their role and go out of their way to make good things happen. Your attention to detail and your knowledge of the clientele was impressive. Your effort certainly helped to make the Canadian Tulip Festival as successful as it was. The comments and feedback we received were outstanding. Kudos and many thanks.”
- Markus Fisher, Tourism Manager Canadian Tulip Festival

"With the utmost professionalism, Elliott amazed and captured the attention of his audience from the beginning to the end of his performance. Elliott solicited members of the audience to assist in his show and ensured that they were not insulted or made to feel uncomfortable. People were left wondering how was able to do what he appears to do knowing that it isn't possible. He easily secured the attention of everyone during his act however a great deal of chatter followed his show trying to figure things out. Performing for two years in a row to the same audience wothout duplication, he kept us in awe. I would recommend Elliott to deliver a class act to any audience and provide lots of laughs."
- Jean Dowser - David McManus Engineering

“We hit record sales this year, and I feel confident in saying that the atmosphere you created in our store was definitely a contributing factor.”
- Robyn Heaton, IKEA

"What an evening! The comedy magic show you provided for the 190 attendees at the OMSP Association was filled with lots of good fun, laughter amazement and wonder. Thank you for providing a light-hearted and happy atmosphere after a full day of workshops and travel. It was really an enjoyable time and we received numerous favourable comments for those in attendance. Congratulations!"
- M. Dobbs - Ontario Maple Syrup Producer's Association

“We would highly recommend you to any group young or old with your magical and fun loving personality.”
- Paula Thebarge, Corel Corporation

"Elliott Smith put on an engaging show filled with humour, illusion and magical transformations. He made his wand dance and transformed scarves and boxes. He also made foam balls multiply and did card tricks. His show incorporated lots of audience participation including myself and a very enthusiastic Lorraine Bentley, Executive Director of Options Bytown (who shone in the spotlight), just to mention a few. It all added up to a riveting performance. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Elliott touched our hearts, piqued our imagination and left us with smiles on our faces. He left us with memories we’ll always treasure. We’d like to sincerely thank Elliott and hope he appears again soon. He’s always welcome! " 
- K. Lambton - Bytown Options

"Thank you so much for being part of our annual "Laughter Day" at Walden Village. Your certainly complimented our theme day with your comedy magic show, I have never seen everyone in stitches like that before. Everyone was amazed by the wonders of your magic and we can't wait to have you back again!"
- Andrea Lavigne - Marketing Director, Walden Village

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent magic show at the wedding reception of our Son. Our guests told me that they were thrilled by the "Walk-around magic" you performed during cocktails. The main stage show you performed after dinner was the best I have ever had the occasion to see. You kept 200+ guests glued to the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next. In addition to your magic, your humorous presentation adds to the whole experience. Thank you again for making the night an affair to remember. Ashok Malhotra "Holy smokes Elliott - you are incredible! You mesmerized my 500+ audience. In addition to being a gifted magician, you are also very funny, you had the entire audience captivated and bursting with laughter. Elliott, you are a first class and world class entertainer and I would highly, highly, highly recommend you to anyone!”
Ashok Malhotra

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your people who supplied us with the Balloon rides and confectionary stand for our annual health and safety fun Day event, you did an outstanding job for us. We received many compliments from our guests, every balloon ride and the confectionary stand was non stop until we had to shut it down. All in all I would have to say that everything you brought drew the greatest attraction and excitement to our event.

Your follow up and organization was handled very professionally and the constant contact was appreciated which made my job easer making our event a major success. You are a pleasure to deal with and I am looking forward to dealing with you again. Thanks again for making our event a successful one, you and your business will be strongly suggested to use you again. Everything you did was top notch and magical."
- Tom Gosling SCM Canada

“From various staff events to corporate parties and National Management meetings, your professionalism and humour brought complete satisfaction on each and every occasion. In fact, I can think of a few occasions where the crowd was left yelling for more!”
- Mark Moore, GM Novotel Ottawa Hotel

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Elliott Smith, MAGICIAN
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